Chia Crispbread

Deliciously crunchy gluten-free crispbread with delectable little dimples, sprinkled with wholesome Chia seeds !

A truly versatile solution when out and about and on the go…. Imagine….

You order a soup or salad at a restaurant!, then sigh when it comes topped with croutons or a roll that are not gluten-free!*

Simply keep a pack of Juvela crispbread in your bag and you have a delicious healthy solution anywhere...anytime!


* (If this does happen, please make sure you ask the restaurant to bring you a fresh salad/soup rather than simply removing the gluten containing croutons!)

Rice flour, maize starch, potato starch, vegetable fibres (sugar-beet, apple, gluten-free oat, cocoa), buckwheat flour (8%), yeast, chia seed (2,5%), gluten-free malt extract of barley, teff flour (2%), salt, rapeseed oil, psyllium husk, thickener (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose)

Nutritionalper 100 gper average crispbread (14g)
of which saturates0.4g<0.1g
of which sugars<0.5g<0.1g
Thiamine0.4mg (27%*)0.04mg (4%*)
Riboflavin0.3mg (21%*)0.04mg (3%*)
Niacin4mg (25%*)0.6mg (4%*)
Vitamin B60.3mg (21%*)0.04mg (3%*)
Folic Acid40µg (20%*)5.6µg (3%*)
Iron7.5mg (53%*)1.1mg (7%*)
*of your daily intake
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Just crunch and go!

Deliciously crunchy crispbread sprinkled with healthy wholesome Chia seeds!

Chia Crispbread with soup shot
High fibre
No preservatives